[#UgBlogWeek – Day 4] ‘Ghosts’ in School!

That night I remember I had to sleep with my friend called Raymond who I will keep calling Ray for the purpose of this blog. I was afraid that the ‘ghost’would come and take me. So when time for sleep reached, I lay my bed and moved to Ray is corridor since I had already told him about this, ofcoures he was fine with it since we were more like brothers and he was my best friend uptodate.

That night we sleept early because the power from our school was disconnected by a techinical fault which meant no preps.We were over joyed since we all hated preps.

I remember that night we all slept with our rosaries and bible since there was a rumor that ghosts fear bibles and rosaries. I had my bible right in my hands and I am sure I slept close to it that night.

My close pal Raymond had a bible too with his rosary, and he slept with the rosary around his neck. We slept at around 08:30 pm hoping that God would spare our souls form this ‘ghosts’ that had been tormenting several schools across our town.

There was a rumor that our school was constructed next to a massive grave site although I had not confirmed this since I was still inestigating it. Most of our fellow pupils in the dormitory slept with bibles and rosaries around there necks since it was the only weapon that could defend us the most.

Our metron told us to pray to God before we go to sleep since we were all sacred and trified and was sure that nothing would happen since she had never had of such an incident in this school.

As luck would have it, we all slept well that night and every body woke up early to prepare for the next  day. I remember during the night my friend Ray kept on saying that nothing would happen since he was not afraid like the rest of us were.

And indeed it happened, we were saved by the grace of God. From that day onwards I have never had an encounter with a ghosts at least I know that is the truth. I hope I never experience such because I don’t know what I would really do.

I guess I would say school made me no better since upto now I am still waiting for my encounter with mr. ‘Ghost’.


#UGblogweek Kasasi !!

It was one Monday afternoon after we had finished lunch and we were heading to the class room for class when this happened.

All the Primary seven pupils were told to report to class immediately. Some of us had just finished lunch since we were served first this term. Although the food was not great, we just had to endure since it was about that time when we were leaving Primary for good.

All of us  rushed to our class room including the girls off course, the rumor was that a Kasasi, let me call it an exam tip for the purpose of this blog, had been brought  and we couldn’t miss out on this one.

The teacher who brought this so called tip was a favorite among us the pupils and we defiantly knew that it was a dream come true for us this time. He was a Social studies teacher and I loved that subject since I always excelled in it.

He told us to sit closer to each other, be quiet and don’t write anything rather use our brains to understand everything. He would rub the board  every minute he had finished writing something and after making sure that it had sunk in our minds.

The process went on for about and hour til when he was finished with his questions which wold appear in the final exam. We all left the room and went on to our normal routine hoping that if these questions came in the finals we would excel.

To our dismay, things didn’t turn out as we expected since the final exam is set by experienced examiners and our teacher wasn’t one of them. We were breathless, nervous , and disappointed since the Kasasi didn’t appear.

From that day on wards nobody  ever trusted his words including me however much he was my best teacher. Thank God I passed the exam since I had prepared well. From that moment on I have never believed in the so called Kasasi‘s or Bullets as they are usually termed in High school.

I have excelled in all the schools I have been too till joining University. My mind is still disturbed by these two questions;

Do you trust exam tips?

Did the schools make me better or it was my own effort?

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