What Should We Do About Drugs And Our Friends?

Change starts now.

Evelyn Masaba

Can we have a genuine conversation about drug addiction in Uganda? Lately you cannot attend an event or a festival without the presence of dangerous drugs being sold by someone. Sad part? These drugs are actually brought in by people with the means to import, those who manipulate their positions of power for their greed at the expense of the lives of innocent Ugandans.

Drug trafficking in Uganda has grown bigger so access to heroin, molly, ecstasy and cocaine has been made easier that so many young people looking for different a high than what they are used to have a heavy variety. One high and a good time for a night leads to trying it out the next time and the next. Slowly this grows into an addiction.

In most cases parents respond by, cutting off the financial help provided to their children after finally seeing the problem thinking…

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Facebook Founder wants to buy M-Pesa, in one of Africa’s largest Buyouts.

If he has got the money then why not?

Teron Futures

Mobile money giant, Mpesa, may be headed the Facebook way. The Facebook creator was in Kenya over the course of last week, an impromptu visit that caused a stir on Global Tech business scene. It was the first time that Mark Eliot showed envy on the largest Mobile money company on the planet. Mark made one of the largest buyouts in history when he bought social messaging company Whatsapp. He also bought the premiere photo sharing app Instagram both of which have grown to over a billion monthly users making them the largest social networks and on top ten Websites on Alexa.

What it means for Mpesa

If Facebook finally manages to acquire Mpesa, it will become a global company. It will have advantage of a worldwide exposure through merging with Facebook and it will get world class infrastructure by the elites of the Tech business. Charges will go down…

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Why people don’t like poetry?

Great post.

Business in Rhyme


This essay is inspired by some of the recent comments in this post. And it made me think: why  people really don’t like poetry? What is it that keeps them away from maybe not writing, but from reading some really exquisite pieces by poets from all around the world?

The usual answer is something like “Poetry is boring”, “I don’t understand it”, “It’s a waste of time”. So I wanted to explore this topic a bit further.

If we look more deeply around us, we can notice that people have very little time to appreciate art in general. This fast paced, consumer oriented society has trained us to want everything now and here. An instant satisfaction, an instant thrill, an instant experience: not allowing our biological system to perceive with all its senses; truly absorb our emotions and simply feel.

Life usually demands of us high level of practicality, logical and…

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The love of the Father

I love him too.

Romy Ras Certified Life Coach

Today I want to talk about one of the bible stories I like very much. I like this bible story because it shows how great a Fathers love is, how great God love is for us.

It shows unconditional love. Unconditional love is so important, however so difficult for us humans to give. What is unconditional love? Let’s look at it from the dictoniory and let’s look at it from the bible.

Dictionary – unconditional love: not limited in any way, complete and absolute.

Bible story on unconditional love: The Story of the Lost Son – Luke 15:11-32.

Jesus continued, “There was a man who had two sons. The younger son spoke to his father. He said, ‘Father, give me my share of the family property.’ So the father divided his property between his two sons.

“Not long after that, the younger son packed up all he had. Then he…

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What do you do, when someone is telling lies about you….

Hope this can help.

Romy Ras Certified Life Coach

Today I was asking God: what do you want me to write about today? The entire day nothing came up, until now.

Let me take this back a little and share something with you. For the past couple of days I have been praying and asking God to change me. God teach me how to be humble, quiet, gentle and give me your peace that surpasses all understanding….. OOH – And God let me see myself from your eyes – WELL!!! Today was my test, here is my story.

Someone approached me and asked me about a lie somebody is spreading about me. I could not believe my ears, how could this person spread such a big lie about me? They don’t even know me – if they would know me they would understand that the lie they are spreading does not fit my profile……… And I went on about…

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Be honest!

Openness and honesty are the key to every successful relationship. And so you must always bring up anything that’s bothering you. But sensitively. And there are still some things you shouldn’t say at all!

Like you’re bound to compare your current partner to other people you’ve dated. But keep your thoughts to yourself. It’s also not a good idea to ask too much about their previous partners – or even how many they’ve slept with. But it’s completely reasonable to worry about your sexual health. With this one it’s best to be blunt. Just ask straight out: “Do you have any STIs?”

Similarly, your partner might be doing something completely innocent that reminds you of a previous bad experience. It will affect your behaviour. Like making you unreasonably suspicious if an ex cheated, for example. Bringing everything into the open generally solves the problem.

Don’t be annoyed – or sarcastic – about body image questions like “Do I look fat in this?” Instead, gently encourage your partner to accept themselves the way they actually are. Stressing that it’s their personality and the way you treat one another that’s what’s really attractive about them.i


Tempted to stray?

Your eye is also bound to wander! We’re just wired that way. Just so long as you’re only harmlessly attracted to passing strangers, mentioning these moments to your partner will only upset them.

But if you’re ever seriously tempted to stray, then something’s probably going wrong in your relationship. Resist the temptations – and try to find the cause together.

Avoid “You always…” and “You never…” arguments. They just put your partner on the defensive. Instead only discuss specific events, stressing how each one made you feel, and what your partner can do differently next time. Chances are they will.

If you’re still early in a relationship, don’t make any comments at all about your partner’s finances! But once you’re serious, you must start discussing your financial plans and how to manage your money together.


Be diplomatic – it’s a hot topic – and give your partner time to prepare for your discussions.

Openness and honesty’s also very important when talking about sex. Many couples find the whole subject hugely embarrassing. But becoming truly intimate with someone means discussing literally everything. And there’s no doubt that you’ll have much more fun in bed once you can talk openly about what you want.

Then there’s your in-laws. Don’t try to keep your feelings hidden, but be respectful. Exactly how you’d want your partner to talk about your family if the situation were reversed.

Never ambush your partner on a difficult subject. Especially if either of you is stressed. Fix a time in the next day or so. Your conversation will go much better if you’re both prepared for the discussion.

And think how you react to what your partner tells you. If you’re always giving them a hard time, they’ll soon stop telling you anything at all! Instead just listen, and think before you reply.