See what happens when I count my blog blessings!

Thank you for sharing!

Idle head

when I count my blog blessings, I count you guys a hundred and kazillion times!

I wish I have something helpful to write about but I don’t. I’ve been ecstatic all day, just because I got a notification this morning of a liked post, an old post. It got me tingling with pride. I feel like I need to explain how the feeling is. It’s a lot similar to that of how I feel, also, when someone comments on a post, or makes sincere allusion to me being a blogger. Am I? It gets me to go all ‘awwww, you think so? Oh c’m on’.

I can’t even fake that I’m totally engulfed with immense gratitude for how this blog has grown, and it has a whole lot to do with you guys. Last month, this blog turned 4years. I didn’t even realize. Jeez. If WordPress was like former Yahoo…

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Author: Herman Clive Quotes.

Am Ugandan, Writer, Information Junkie, love Activism for Human rights and Freedom.

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