Lessons From Dave Goldberg: An Open Letter To Aspiring CEOs And Young Entrepreneurs


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Dave Goldberg was a fantastic leader and his untimely passing was tough for those of us who worked for him at SurveyMonkey.

He was not only a great boss, which many can confirm, but he also was a visionary on a new, better way to build a high tech business.

A lot of young entrepreneurs think a CEO should be like Steve Jobs and try to emulate him. In my opinion, you would be much better served emulating Dave. He was the type of leader we need in high tech and one you rarely see.

Here’s what I learned watching Dave.

Respecting Your Workforce

When I interviewed at SurveyMonkey almost five years ago, I was struck by the fact that no one had offices, including the CEO. Now SurveyMonkey is almost 10 times its former size with a new fancy office in downtown Palo Alto, but…

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