Love is a risk.

Waking up every morning to the warm breath of your partner is the most wonderful feeling some people will confess. It is as if all your worries and troubles are wiped away that instant. But then again, love is not always magical as sometimes the insecurities, vulnerability and other issues can’t be escaped. Just the other day, as I was lying on my sofa and reflecting on life in the quiet confines of my living room, I started to think about this thing called love that has become complex today. No longer do lovers settle for leaving their promiscuous partners, but revenge by taking their lives.

I had just been reading the papers about the various murders of couples over this thing called love! The thought of someone you would give your all putting an end to your life freaks me out completely. It was one thing to imagine that the worst that could happen to you if you hurt your partner was leaving you, punishing you with silent treatment, or beating you up. Now its killing you.

I realized how vulnerable we are to our partners and generally to the people we meet and begin getting to know. Just think about it, you meet someone whose background you don’t have any clue about and accept to go on a date. Now by doing this, you have already put yourself in a compromising situation and your only hope is that the person had noble intentions.

Then after a couple of dates, you decide that you like them and want to date them, keeping in mind that its about a month or two which time is very short to know the real person. And even when you argue that spending time with them reveals their true identity, never can you know the depth of their fury. What if that hot chick you can’t get enough of is capable of murder? Well, this never crosses our minds as we dance in excitement after one of the many dates. The most burdening though is that not until something that shakes you happens do you start to wonder about these things, that is if you are not already six feet in your grave.

Sounds gruesome I know, but you can’t blame me for thinking about these things. Every day you discover something new about your partner, do you ever wonder what else you don’t know about them? And this goes for both men and women. A colleague at work one time discovered that her girlfriend’s ex left her not because she didn’t have money as she claimed, but because she was battering him. The last time they spoke she had sent him to a hospital bed with a broken arm. Scary I know. Now the conflict in this is that there may be a probability that your partner changed from her old bad habits when she met you, but again you can never be certain because circumstances may revive our most terrible habits. To love is indeed to make one’s self vulnerable.

That evening as my mind went over all the murders sparked off by passion over the last year, I cuddled my cushion and said a silent prayer.

Author: Herman Clive Quotes.

Am Ugandan, Writer, Information Junkie, love Activism for Human rights and Freedom.

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