U.S.A (Uganda Students Association) has made a white house decision on

Abstinence, the solution to AIDS a terrorist.

All UPDF (Uganda Pupils, Denouncing Fornication) are alert for the third world war.

No more porn, optical nutrition is spiritual malnutrition. Only Vitamin A – Abstinence, Vitamin B – Books and Vitamin C – Christ are taken.

All sexual desires are now under house arrest and have a right to remain silent till our wedding day.

Sugar mummies, no parking, space reserved for my BMW’s (Beloved Marital Wife).

Ladies, you are the Gaza strips of the nation, many men have you on their most wanted lists and remember goods once sold are not returnable. You can’t return AIDS back to the owner.

Make the Bible your tenant and he will pay you rent in Dollars like PPU (Prosperity, Peace and Understanding).

Youth, let’s become the IGG (Intelligent Good Guys), No more CNN (Condom, Nudity share and Night Discos) and BBC( Beer, Babes and Cigarettes). Let’s accept only UTV (Uncompromising Truth and Vitreous behavior) and DSTV (Delay Sex Till Vows).


Remember to use the new body cream on market ABC( Abstinence Body Cream) recommended for the Unmarried.

Ingredients are 30% self control, 20% Prayer and 40% patience. Use it daily. Expiry date is “Wedding day”. Price includes VAT( Value Added Thoughts).

WARNING: Guys, don’t overload your hear circuit with many girlfriends because you will get a short circuit to your grave. Babes, no more having Cabinet reshuffle at boyfriends. Scrap them off and remain with one ministry of ethics and integrity.


Author: Herman Clive Quotes.

Am Ugandan, Writer, Information Junkie, love Activism for Human rights and Freedom.

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