Cloud Storage Is Eating The World Alive

I think so too!


Editor’s note:Alex Teu is the vice president of business development at Oxygen Cloud.

“Dead man walking.” That is what many in the storage industry are calling IBM’s storage hardware business. But its storage competitors, including EMC or HP, should not be so quick to wave that flag, as they may follow suit before too long. We are already seeing similar trending signs of their downfall.

As you can see, the negative trend spans the industry and does not discriminate.

alexteu-storage-falling-to-zero The price points plotted on this graph constitute the standard storage prices listed by the providers. The providers offer different price points for storage based on factors such as region, redundancy and volume tiers.

War of the Giants

The cloud storage war being waged by Amazon, Google and Microsoft has been well publicized, and is resulting in the cost of all cloud infrastructure including storage racing to zero.


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