Become dependable without effort.

If you are not a football fanatic, be patient for just a paragraph or two, you will catch up with us after I have used stringer strikers to enter my story. Players like Chelsea’s Drogba, Arsenal’s Grioud or Manchester United’s Rooney are dangerous goal grabbers who can keep any supporter hopeful for a result. But they also flop sometimes when all they do is run around wasting chances. But coaches, who know, still don’t replace them because, as S.t Peter wrote in his New Testament letter, there is living hope that at one point, history will repeat itself. Sometimes it pays off and other times you live to regret why you didn’t try someone else when it mattered.

That is why, for a player, it’s very important to prove that when ever sports journalists are penning stuff about quality goals, it is your name they are using. Look at love; bystanders will always wonder why partners are not substituting strikers who are spending more time in foreign pitches, bars or boxing rings than their own penalty boxes. Lovers rarely substitute stickers who have ever scored memorable goals. And the more the memorable goals, the better the chances of durability. Are we together? A one off may not make you a super striker. Neither will a protracted quality performance that barely lasts a month. When super memories accumulate without a break, they get rolled up as one performance. So, make yourself the special one who scores that vital marital goal.

They display another eye-opening performance some time later.Then another one. It does not matter what amount of flopping is allowed in between glamorous displays. As long as you deliver again, penetrate the heart, capture the confidence and leave footprints, you are home and dry. In love, it is best if you played like Ronald or Messi fro every second. But it attracts injuries, fatigue and poachers. The safer approach is to be some Drogba who sometimes runs around the bedroom doing nothing worth nothing but when the temperatures rise, may effect the most desired penetration against Liverpool that leaves a knot on the relationship rope of honor. That is why people in Luweero may be mobilized by the opposition to believe that they are harvesting byoya bya nswa from this regime, till MuseveniĀ  shows up to remind them just one thing he has ever done.

They all prostrate because it was great when it lasted. Never underestimate the power of memories. And if I were you, I would work on leaving several, well placed, and spread marks on my lover’s memory tape. Those memories will save the relationship when the weather changes.


Author: Herman Clive Quotes.

Am Ugandan, Writer, Information Junkie, love Activism for Human rights and Freedom.

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