Many lights have shone

In a small town,

once unknown.

But for grief and need,

Caused by a member of the land.

My brother with greed,

for power and fame.

Like a wild pig he fled

To the wilderness!!

Fierce like a lion;

Capturing and tearing

Plucking out eyes;

Tearing ears and lip;

Slapping new born children on the trees;

Raping mothers and sisters alike;

What a shame!

I cannot stay in my father’s land

But a crowded camp,

With barely any space to stretch my legs

Only waiting for donations,

Yet I have hands.

Many lights have shone in a small town

From different countries

Far and near, they travel,

To sympathies and seek,

For employment out of our grief

Our sunshine light still beams

Let peace talks still go on

I am willing to forgive

So are the raped teen mothers,

the many worse relatives have disappeared and never to be seen again,

the traumatized and many with lost hope

Soon the prodigal son will be home

At least a festive we shall have

And peace will prevail.


Author: Herman Clive Quotes.

Am Ugandan, Writer, Information Junkie, love Activism for Human rights and Freedom.

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