Ugandans must embrace that 1 percent

Actor Odongo

Now, I usually don’t like to tell people what to do or how to go about their business, but this tym around I seem much obliged to do so.
This past weekend I caught up with a movie program on record tv, one of the local broadcasting tv channels, where a certain Actor was put on the spot and was asked several questions regarding the industry trends, his experiences, and future plans. Interestingly what caught my attention was his strong, confident and almost realistic response to one of the questions posed to him. When he was asked what level the Ugandan movie industry had gotten to, his reply was 1 percent. 1/100…0.01….1%!!!!! Now this is freaking low buddy. We can assume that maybe this dude was extremely pessimistic, hopeless, tired, frustrated or perhaps hungry at the time. But because of one reason or another I am forced to  concur!


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Author: Herman Clive Quotes.

Am Ugandan, Writer, Information Junkie, love Activism for Human rights and Freedom.

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