Museveni planning to use Baganda to install his son as next president- Dr.Kashambuzi


JAJAI have written this article in good faith and it should be read and understood that way. Baganda have been complaining that they did not understand Museveni when they worked with him to overthrow Obote and Okello regimes.

One of the reasons that I began writing and broadcasting on Tutsi in general and Museveni in particular was to make East Africans in general and Baganda in particular to understand how Tutsi treat other ethnic groups. They use other people to get to power and then destroy them to stay in power. That is what Museveni did and continues to do with Baganda in Uganda and that is what Kagame did and continues to do with Hutu in Rwanda. That is the bitter truth whether we like it or not.

Museveni makes promises that he does not keep and implement.

1. He made promises with then Prince Ronald Mutebi in London…

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