Zimbabwe election was a huge farce..did you expect anything else?

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Zimbabwe’s election was a “huge farce”, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has said, alleging vote-rigging by rival President Robert Mugabe’s camp.

Mr Tsvangirai said Wednesday’s presidential poll was “null and void”.

The largest group of election observers described the vote as “seriously compromised” and said up to a million Zimbabweans were prevented from voting.

Meanwhile, first official results from national assembly elections show Mr Mugabe’s party taking an early lead.

Zanu-PF won 25 of 28 seats announced, although they were mostly in Mr Mugabe’s rural strongholds, correspondents say.

Mr Mugabe’s party, which is claiming a victory, has denied accusations of vote-rigging, saying the voting went smoothly.

The 89-year-old president is running for a seventh term.

Voters were choosing a president, 210 lawmakers and local councillors and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has five days to declare who won the poll.

Extra police units, some in riot gear, have been deployed…

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