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Amani ya Juu

This blog was originally posted by Ashlee, who is gearing up for a trip to our Liberia center, on her blog, Where My Heart Resides. Check it out!

the plan for africa (and how you can help).


So, I’m going to Africa.

I know I left you on the edge of your seats with that post. I’m sorry. Sometimes I’m accidentally dramatic like that.

We have a plan. We = me and Ashley. Yes, there are two of us. Ashley with a y and Ashlee with two e’s. It’s confusing, although slightly convenient because it makes for a catchy fundraising slogan (Ashley/e’s for Africa!).

But I digress.

Ashley’s sister Hannah lives in Africa. This is Hannah. Yeah, she’s pretty cool. She works for the non-profit organizationAmani Ya Juu, a sewing and business-training project for women. The project serves a two-fold purpose. First…

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Am Ugandan, Writer, Information Junkie, love Activism for Human rights and Freedom.

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