From 30 with wrinkles to 31 with wisdom; reflections on a one-year of change!

Snapshots in Words

It’s been another year!

Despite my constant fear and thoughts about looming death, I have actually completed another year of my life couple of days ago.  ID-10094227

The 30 year old girl, who had wrinkles and whom I shared with you her story in an earlier 2-part blog, has now turned 31. As her white hair has started to fall out too,  where is she now?!

I stand before my mirror; it opens up a magic door into the past; so many events, faces, and phases, but those 30 years also feel like they have slipped away in a blink of an eye. Long gone my younger days. Save your breath! I know all you are going to say. “Youth is not by age, it’s about how you feel …dah dah dah.” I know it all and I do believe in it. Yet, I mean I can never be really…

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Author: Herman Clive Quotes.

Am Ugandan, Writer, Information Junkie, love Activism for Human rights and Freedom.

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